Maybank Go Ahead. Challenge 2018

Win prizes worth up to USD 50,000 and stand a chance to be part of the Maybank family.

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MGAC is an international, multi-dimensional case competition, testing students' competencies including strategy, behavior and general knowledge.

It is a reality-driven and exhaustive talent selection platform specially designed to test candidates' physical, mental, psychological and ethical limits. Past year's finalists came from across ASEAN countries, Africa, UK and US. The competition is a platform not just for learnings but a global community made up of diverse cultures.

MGAC will put contestants in challenges simulating the realities of a dynamic business world. MGAC experience is not only limited to business cases but extends to non-traditional challenges such as in the past; amazing race, CSR, strategy-base games, marketing pitch etc.

Selected individuals are given the opportunity to join the prestigious Global Maybank Apprentice Program (GMAP). A two-year rotation programme developing our young talents through first hand experience in departments of their choice.

Why Should I Join?

  • Stand a chance to win prizes worth up to USD 50,000.
  • Outstanding challengers will be given the opportunity to be part of the Maybank family.
  • The challenges are designed, developed, and execute by Global Maybank Apprentice which makes them unique and student centric.
  • This is the golden opportunity to unleash your potential as well as exhibit your critical thinking skills, creativity, and technical knowledge.
  • Experience working in multi-national teams and engage with top leaders across diversified industries.

What is GMAP?

As one of the industry's award winning apprentice program, GMAP is designed to provide graduates with a strategic platform to jump-start their career. The program, like MGAC, is not limited to graduates from business disciplines but attract wide range from academic backgrounds. Global Maybank Apprentices (GMAs) undergo 2-year rotations including international assignment.

Apprentices with aspiration to be Chartered Accountants can sign up for GMAP-Plus which offers full certification sponsorship with ICAEW without bond or contract.

Unique Selling Propositions of GMAP

(1) Enhancing leadership skills among others , via involvement in group-wide special projects.

(2) Experiential learning through CR initiatives, project management, and presentation to top management.

(3) Face-to-face development interventions where a dedicated coach and mentor is assigned.

(4) International Assignments to immense in global network operations.

(5) Customised 2 years on-the-job rotations to ensue holistic learning experience.

How to Apply

  • 1

    Sign up as individual or teams (with a maximum of 5 members per team) by clicking the "Join now" button below. Register before 30th April 2018.


    • All university students (both degree and masters students) in any discipline of study.
    • Fresh graduates with less than 2 years of working experience.

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    Online Assesment

    A link to an online assesment will be sent to your email shortly after you've applied.

  • 3
    Campus Level (May - June 2018)

    The assessment will test various skills that is essential in a working environment so you can have a taste of what it takes to work in Maybank. Should you pass assessment at Campus Level, you will be short-listed to go to Global Finals.

  • 4
    Global Finals (August 2018)

    All finalists from around the world will convene for 10 days in Kuala Lumpur for the final and most challenging leg of the competition. At this stage, you are already a step away to be offered to join the exclusive Global Maybank Apprentice Program and other highly exclusive Maybank pipelines.


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